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A Fragile Tomorrow / Finnegan Bell / Nancy Druid

  • Queen Street Playhouse 20 Queen Street Charleston, SC 29401 (map)

Tickets: $12 in Advance / $15 at Door

Doors Open at 6pm

7pm-Nancy Druid

8pm-Finnegan Bell

9pm-A Fragile Tomorrow

A Fragile Tomorrow:

With their new album, Generation Loss, A Fragile Tomorrow have one mission: to redefine themselves during times of upheaval and rise up more powerful and daring than ever.

"Everyone needs to know this band...and I mean EVERYONE." -- Popdose

Emotionally dense and sonically polished, Generation Loss centers upon themes of loss, resurrection, and change in all of its forms (personal, political, universal). With an ear for sumptuous production, the band serves up smart slices of krautrock-heavy psychedelia. Dreamy vocal harmonies are layered into kaleidoscopic synth jams while supported by bursts of quirky, fuzzed-out guitar and groovy bass lines.
We were listening to a lot of hip hop, particularly groups like A Tribe Called Quest, and were also exploring the work of krautrock bands like Can and Neu!, who were often sampled by hip hop artists in the late ‘80s and ‘90s in particular,” singer/writer Sean Kelly explains. “We wanted to take those influences and create something completely unique, something so far from what we’d done before that we could almost be considered a new band.”

With songs like the lead single “Dig Me Out” or the vibey “How Do You Dance To It?”, the collection showcases many of these rhythmic influences and ambient experimentations.  Adding to this musical sea change, drummer Dom Kelly moved to Los Angeles (away from his East Coast bandmates/brothers) and switched to playing keyboards full time in the band. This shift in focus allowed the band to explore synth textures more as a primary sound, with guitars acting as sonic enhancement rather than the driving force of the music. Along with the addition of veteran drummer Josh Kean (All Get Out, Baumer), the newly inspired members energized their fresh and determined direction of sound.

Mixed by the legendary Mitch Easter (R.E.M., Pavement), A Fragile Tomorrow  worked with co-producers Zach Bodtorf and Ted Comerford on Generation Loss to construct the music as a continuous listening experience, often weaving together cinematic intros/outros that bookend the songs.  Topically, the album frequently deals with the recent passing of the Kelly brothers’ mother, who lost her life to an aggressive form of cancer. Some of the lyrics reference the fear she had of leaving her children behind during such a dark time in American history.

We specifically wanted to touch on all of these issues she held dear, rather than write songs about how much we missed our mother,” Sean says. “She was an activist, and it was important that anything we wrote about her reflected what she stood for rather than wallowing in grief. So I made a conscious choice to be more political and more direct lyrically, and write about the injustices that she saw in both the political landscape and our country’s healthcare system.”

Armed with a dynamic musical vision that is experimental as well as politically charged and passionate, A Fragile Tomorrow offers an intelligent, yet contemplative outlook for the future while plunging fist-in-the-air forward to push both themselves - and all of us - towards a beautiful, more united and compassionate tomorrow.

Finnegan Bell:

In any great story, the setting is as telling as the characters, and the story of Finnegan Bell is no exception. 

Raised in South Carolina and now located on her coastline, Shane Williams and Warren Bazemore have roots tied deeply to the place they call home. Williams and Bazemore began writing and playing together while students at The University of South Carolina, and though life's road took unexpected turns, they have not stopped making music since. 

As the band Finnegan Bell, the duo continues to play over 100 shows a year, having shared the stage with the likes of Nickel Creek, Leigh Nash, Drew Holcomb and The Neighbors, Jars of Clay, David Mead, Griffin House, Danielle Howle, as well as members of Hootie and the Blowfish and Allison Krauss and Union Station.   

Nancy Druid:

Nancy Druid is a rock band from Savannah, Georgia. Grown from the solo songwriting of Anna Chandler (COEDS, Lovely Locks), the project fuses pop hooks with brooding grit, emotional builds, and layered synths and guitar riffs, turning solo bedroom dance parties into an explosive, immersive stage show. Embracing a love for '80s avant-pop a la Kate Bush with Cyndi Lauper-sized melodies, Nancy Druid's members hold roots in punk and indie rock, as evidenced on the band's Connect Savannah-christened "adventurous and brilliant" debut EP, released in September 2018. The band is set to release a 7" split single, among other recordings, in 2019.  

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